Rural Organization of Awareness Development Service (ROADS) has commemorated “World Day  to Combat Desertification and Drought”, with the involvement of youth in the villages initiated plantation along the roads sides, schools, colleges and at community junctures for the climate change and reducing global warming and started the campaign in the villages where ROADS is working actively and created awareness on the environmental protection and preservation of ground waters at every house and should have water preserved pits, this campaign brought great impact in the villagers for protection of natural resources and plantation trees for keeping away the drought situation.


ROADS is facilitated for claiming the benefits for differently abled (DA) persons from the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA),  applied, followed up and sanctioning 25 triple wheel cycles to the very vulnerable persons living with disability to improve the dignity of life among them in the villages, which made them happy because of ROADS tireless efforts and persuasion with the DRDA, which made sucessful

ROADS organized program on World Women Day with the women living in rural area for discussing on woman issues which they are facing in the villages and aware them on the enactments related woman protection of promotion of their dignity lives in the family as well as in the society.  In our working area woman is the best resource person to bring up tremendious changes in the social development and discussed to promote woman entrepreneurship for promoting hygienic napkins for evey adolescents youth and women in the rural area with covering all classes of the society.

ROADS has organized a programs with the village youth on the eve of “ the world youth skill day”  idetified and encouraged the youth with the state and the central sponsored skill development and entrepreneurship programs for social and economically backward. Our Organization is very motivative for the unemployed and droup-out for mainstreaming them into livelihood and skill development programs.  Involving them in every social awareness and development programs in the area where ROADS is being as a changing agent.



Woman plays very crucial role in the villages but their educational capacity and knowledge level is very low, unless sensitized women groups on the socio-economic issues, the change would not be achieved, so that ROADS is targetting women groups for creating awareness on all current issues for their better underestanding. Sensitized on loans available in the banks for women entrepreunership and other way of self-financial development and schemes available and implmenting for the over all development of woman in the grass route leve.

ROADS expouser with the people infected Leprosy and knowing their deformity and channalized them for some income generate programs for promoting livelihood and bannish begging and the paved the way for leading dignified lives in the society, which is a great aspiration come over desperation and anguish.