The Rural Organization of Awareness Development Service (ROADS) is a registered Non-Profitable Organization established in 1999 with the inspiration of young and educated activists who have been involved and worked holistic with grass route issues, which under Societies Act 1350 Falsie in Telangana South India.  Telanaga formed as a 29th State of Union of India from 2nd June 2014, which bifurcated from the State of Andhra Pradesh. Basically Telangana is very backward state socio-economically, because it was under Nizam’s rule many years till independence 1947, except the city of Hyderabad, the remaining all districts are very low indicators in all development measures viz., in education, health and economic and so on many sectors, at the time of statehood formation, it has only 10 districts, and now merged as 33 districts for administration convenience. The non-governmental organizations role is very vital in this state, because the state is constituted with the people’s voice and will and built great movement for separation of state, the same leadership of the movement assumed into power which has given huge manifesto for the development of the all sections of the society as like it had political power in subsequent second term too. As the watchdog of the government and its promises fulfillment, the NGOs should have gaze upon the development.

ROADS is grassroots level organization began its journey from the town of Bhongir of Yadadri Bhongir district of Telangana in 1999 and slowly prevailed to other districts of the state and penetrate into issues-based and rights-based issues for social development. At present it has exposure in all districts of Telangana and other South India States and became very active member in some networking groups of social development. It had an ample experience in dealing social development issues and established the great impact and acquaintance with the likeminded civil societies, activists, bureaucrats, academicians, policy makers and other networking for handling social caused issues and collaborations for sharing and solidarity of developmental work and achievement of social change in the society.

our vision

The ROADS organization strives towards friendly empowerment of the youth students, women, and rights based perspectives.

our mission

The endeavors to promote dignity and equity among all communities banking on the organized efforts of all downtrodden population with the support of civil society organization and intellectuals.

our values

  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Promoting Self reliance
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Intent-ship (B.sc Agriculture, Diploma & MSW)
  • Member Organisation (Fundraising & Collaboration Project Work)